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Nokia's Nseries makeover continues: the Music Editions

Nokia's lovefest for its, shall we say, senior Nseries models today didn't stop with the N91's upgrade to 8GB. In tacking the "Music Edition" label onto the tail ends of their names, they've re-upped the N73 and the elder-statesman N70 candybars, slapping them with a fresh coat of black in the process. Unlike the N91, the internals seem the same -- they're advertising the new models as coming with 2GB and 1GB of storage respectively, but the bumped capacities turn out to be nothing more than bundled storage cards; likewise, the touted 3.5mm audio jacks are delivered via in-box Pop-Port adapters. We're always happy to see a manufacturer breathe some fresh life into old handsets, but unless black is your color, we hope existing N70 and N73 owners don't let a couple bundled accessories ruin their love affair.