Sigma launches SD14 and DP1 14 megapixel cameras

In case you're still curious about those SD14 teaser shots, Sigma has officially announced the arrival of it's newest flagship DSLR, and has thrown down a beefed up P&S to boot. The SD14 replaces the aging SD10 model, and rocks a (probably unnecessary) 14 megapixel Foveon X3 sensor, 2.5-inch monitor, dust protector, built-in flash, CF support, USB 2.0 connectivity, AF-assist, maximum ISO of 1600, and "improved auto focus / continuous shooting." The (admittedly odd) DP1 sports a P&S enclosure, but manages to house the same superfluous 14 megapixel sensor seen in the SD14, Sigma's "True" image processor, 2.5-inch LCD, CF slot, a fixed 16.6mm F4.0 lens, and even touts RAW capability. Sigma boasts that its specially-designed Foveon X3 sensor captures colors more accurately than typical CMOS sensors thanks to its three separate color sensitive layers (and judging by the promo site, results aren't too shabby). Both models should be available soon, and while we're left to ponder how much coin the DP1 (photos after the break) will demand, there's no questioning the £1099.99 ($2,093) required for the SD14.

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