Buffalo's USB keyboard and Skype handset

When technology and design diverge, out slops this USB Skype keyboard from the yawning crevasse of consumer hell. Buffalo went and super-sized a standard 109 key keyboard, shrunk a ma bell handset, and married the two in a fit of craplastic under the beelzebublian monikered BKBU-SKJ109/SV. In addition to the 12 function keys you've never quite figured out how to map, Buffalo throws another 13 hot keys at ya plus volume control for external headphones, not the handset. And while you might assume it includes a speakerphone, it doesn't, at least that capability isn't in the specs, so prepare to be tethered to that keyboard on an apparently short leash. Yours if you must, starting October for ¥6,993 or about $60.

[Via Impress]