Germ Free Wireless Laser Mouse will kill micro-organisms

If you're the type of person who keeps a bottle of hand sanitizer within reach at all times, then this is surely the perfect product for you. IOGEAR has just released the Germ Free Wireless Laser Mouse, a cordless USB device coated with a "titanium dioxide and silver nano-particle compound" to take down nearly all bacteria, viruses, fungi or even algae (huh?) from surviving on your mouse. If killing microscopic bugs wasn't enough, this mouse uses a "Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser" (um, ok) that purports to provide "30x more tracking power" (however that's measured), which can be used on glass -- like many other laser mice -- for all you folks who enjoy a transparent workspace. Oh, and in case you thought you'd simply lick the mouse every so often to stave off corporal infection, IOGEAR's disclaimer says otherwise: "Do not ingest the surface material of the device under any circumstances." No matter why that sounds familiar, we think we're capable of following at least that manufacturer instruction.

[Via The Raw Feed]