The iPod shuffle: Do not eat in the US or chew in the UK

iPod chewer

You know how Apple made that weak joke on the product page for iPod shuffle advising that you "Do not eat iPod shuffle"? Yeah, well they make the same joke on the UK version of their website, except that across the pond it reads "Do not chew iPod shuffle." Both are presumably a reference to the fact that the new player is about the size of pack of gum. Besides totally harshing our plans to consume at least one iPod shuffle at every meal for three weeks in attempt to convert ourselves into a cyborg, we're also trying to figure out whether there is some weird cultural or language difference we weren't aware of before that would explain this, especially since every American we've ever met has said "chew gum" rather than "eat gum." Maybe they figure Brits are smart enough to spit out the iPod shuffle after they've nibbled on it, but that Americans aren't and need that extra little bit of guidance?

P.S. - We got hands-on with the iPod shuffle yesterday, check back in a couple of hours or so for our initial impressions (though we can tell you now that it is totally delicious).