Buffalo intros TS-HTGL/R5 TeraStation Pro NAS series

Keeping things fresh in its TeraStation lineup, Buffalo is dropping three new NAS units touting up to two terabytes of capacity and faster access speeds than previous models. Besides sporting the obligatory RAID 0/1/5 functionality (and looking exactly like its predecessor), the TeraStation Pro TS-HTGL/R5 series holds four hard drives behind a lockable door, gigabit Ethernet, and a snazzy LCD panel to show internal temperature and worrisome alerts. Slated to be available in 1.0, 1.6, and 2.0TB flavors, the units will also support "ActiveDirectory domain," which apparently pulls double duty as a security gate to ward off curious intruders and a data divisor based on group / role login preferences. Although pricing deets are currently unavailable, the trio will be getting NASty (read: shipping) in early December.

[Via Impress]