NEC foodbot reveals dark secret: people taste like "bacon"

How could we have known when NEC unveiled their cute little tasting robot last year that something much more nefarious was at hand? Sure, it does its whole "I'm just a cute bot with no mouth that tastes your food and wine with an infrared sensor and probably won't try for world domination anytime soon," schtick, but at a recent press meetup the bot had a little Freudian slip that unveiled its true feelings. Apparently the bot mistook a reporter for prosciutto, and a cameraman's hand for bacon, revealing its deep longing for red meat and human flesh. We're just glad to hear the press meetup was able to adjourn before too many people got bitten, and as far as we know the NEC bot is currently in custody, refusing to speak with anyone other than Clarice Starling.

[Via collision detection]