Toshiba annnounces new VARDIA HDD/DVD recorders

Toshiba's introduced a pair of new VARDIA digital video recorders for the Japanese market today, the RD-E300 and RD-W300. Each box packs a fairly substantial 300GB hard drive, DVD burner, digital TV tuner, and HDMI output, with the RD-W300 throwing some VHS action into the mix -- cause nothing shows your rebellious side better than digital content stored on an analog medium. Toshiba's also seen fit to include not one but two remotes with each unit (a full-featured one and a simplified one), no doubt a well-intentioned move on Toshiba's part, but one that's also likely to cause a few bouts of dueling remotes. No word on pricing for either of 'em, but it looks like they should both be available in November.

[Via Akihabara News]