Dorky PSM3 editors get real, live, working PS3 to play with

Who woulda' thunk it? After all these years of rumors, delays, fanboy wars and beefy dev kits, somebody actually got a flesh n' blood PS3 with real, live blinky LED lights and even some of those "video games" all the kids are talking about these days. The lucky recipients of this system -- and subsequent takers of many nerdy pics -- are the PSM3 magazine peeps, so props to them for verifying the true existence of this mystical console, and for being a bunch of lucky bastages. As for their impressions, they're pretty positive. Apparently the system runs incredibly quietly, the "SIXAXIS" joypad is light (as ever) and quite responsive, and start up and load times are ultra-speedy. Of course, the console is also "heavy like a planet" and the shiny console easily succumbs to dust and fingerprints, along with being quite difficult to photograph -- though we're pretty sure you're not going to spend a large percentage of your time snapping pics of the thing when there's "TrueHD" entertainment to be had. Be sure to peep their vid of the PS3 in action after the break.