U. Texas Prof. studies gaming grannies (and grand-dads) [update 1]

Prof. Mihai Nadin is showing old people the light by introducing them to the benefits of video games. The University of Texas at Dallas professor is testing various applications to help the elderly maintain their "cognitive, anticipatory and physical skills."

Nadin has been studying the geriatrics for two years now collecting all sorts of sensory date, tracking their cardiac and respiratory rates, and even saliva secretions (there's a lot of info in spit -- seriously). His hope is to create a new category of games for the aging.

It's fantastic for old people to play video games, particularly in the U.S. where voting is for old people and the apathy of young voters distorts the political climate. The more elderly people that play games, the more accidental political power will be generated for gamers. Instead of parents being told to play games with their children, young people should play with their elders and encourage dialog to help them better understand all the different types of games out there.

[Update 1: Apologies, this is a duplicate, but you should still vote and play with your elders.]