Fujitsu's Turn Table PC and Ultra Mobile debut at CEATEC

Fujitsu was starting to feel a little left out of all the CEATEC fun, what with its rivals demoing products left and right at the major Japanese expo going on this week in Chiba, just outside Tokyo. We came across some snaps of what appears to be two concept devices, the "Turn Table PC," and the "Ultra Mobile," a slick-looking media player. The Turn Table PC looks like it has a strange-looking lid along with a touch-sensitive backlit keyboard, which could mean that those filthy keyboard days are over. (However, these types of keyboards seem unlikely to take off, given that there's hardly any tactile feedback.) In addition, the Ultra Mobile seems to have a twistable case, revealing a mic and webcam, and at least a few USB ports on the left side. Unfortunately details about these new products are on the sparse side, but we do hope that the Turn Table PC (peep it on the next page) has the option of being able to spin records so we can get our b-boy on.