Get a head start and design your own Mii

Nintendo's quirky little "Mii" service may or may not incite a tingling sensation in your gamer glands, but chances are that you'll be making a little digital avatar of yourself before long. At the Nintendo press event, the lengthy creation of an avatar of Samuel L. Jackson was shown, which paged through just about every menu in the software. A programming demon of a fanboy (thanks, Yann!) decided to faithfully and painstakingly recreate the entire process in a flash-based applet, and thus you now have the ability to create your future Mii from the comfort of Nintendo Wii Fanboy. How convenient!

We were able to recreate reasonable facsimiles of ourselves, but only after quite a bit of playing around. Does this feature need more options? We say yes ... unlockables through gamer achievements, anyone?

[via Joystiq]