Sprint to launch three new MOTOALLCAPS devices

Just 'cause Verizon is the biggest domestic CDMA carrier in the game doesn't mean Sprint is just going to let themselves get pushed around when it comes to phone exclusives. Well, at least not all of the time. Sprint is busting out three new Motorola devices this fall, the MOTOKRZR, MOTORAZR and MOTOSLVR, and Sprint will be pushing its broadband content offerings to all of 'em. Not a lot of deets to be had, other than an "early November" availability -- and of course a comprehensive list of all the snazzy content, Telenav GPS service, "Phone as Modem" and Bluetooth capabilities available for the EV-DO phones -- but it's not like there's a dearth of info on these models. We're guessing the MOTORAZR of which Sprint speaks is the boring old V3m RAZR that's been out for VZW for a couple months, while the MOTOSLVR should be the L7c. The MOTOKRZR is of course that K1m hotness that just recently dropped into Verizon's lineup (Alltel's too), and it's good to know Sprint isn't far behind. Right now all you can do is register for more info on the KRZR release when it comes available, but we're sure we'll have plenty of launch info soon, seeing as early November isn't too incredibly far away. Alternatively, we've heard word from those in the know that these three are due on the 23rd of October, which seems to be contradicted by this PR, but we won't give up hoping. That same source gave us word on a Q1 '07 release of the Motorola Q, so hopefully that prediction works out a little better.