Toshiba shows off external, internal HD DVD drive prototypes

These days there aren't a whole lot of flavors to PC HD DVD drives, but Toshiba is hoping to remedy that with their new line-up of players and burners they're showing off at CEDIA. Most notable is the external USB drive they had under glass (pictured), which should be out by the end of this year, bringing plenty of HD DVD good times to all sorts of laptops and desktops that weren't privy to a built-in drive. Keep reading to spy a few internal editions, including a slot-loading version, along with a 0.37-inch thick model for stuffing into ultraportables -- which bests the 0.5-inch version we spied yesterday.

Toshiba SD-U9131 (9.5mm, 0.37-inches)

Toshiba SD-T913A (12.7mm, 0.5-inches; slot-loading)

Toshiba SD-L902A (12.7mm, 0.5-inches)