Confirmed: Downhill Jam to feature in-game voice chat

That's right, you read the headline correctly. In an e-mail that was sent out to Sk8land community members describing the game's final features, it's revealed that the title will feature in-game voice chat, something sorely missed from a certain game featuring a female bounty hunters and energy-absorbing life forms.

Among that bomb, other Sk8land community features in the final game include:

  • 50 graffiti and skate decks drawn by SK8Land's best community artists have been included in every copy of Downhill Jam for Nintendo DS!

  • Community Moderator AgoraKenny worked with Vicarious Visions as a Designer on Downhill Jam DS

Some of the game's other features include:

  • Create custom shirts and pants as well as graffiti and skate decks for your skater

  • Fully customizable RGB color scale - use any colors you want!

  • Zoom in for pixel perfect precision

  • Upload your art and share it on the Downhill Jam Community Site

  • 4 player Head to Head over Nintendo Wi-Fi

  • Live voice chat with friends during gameplay

  • Global score rankings

  • Replays

  • Sk8 Crews

  • 100 Downloadable Goals