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Engadget commercial contest winners!

We know you've all been waiting patiently to find out the winners of the Engadget commercial contest, and to whom the spoils (that Sony Vaio VGN-AR190G Blu-ray laptop, MSRP $3,400) went. We received nearly 100 commercials, which totally blew our mind, but today is all about the winner of the contest, as well as eight runners up we selected after a few grueling sessions. All these commercials were so good that we had to give a new iPod shuffle to the other eight who didn't take home the laptop. To everyone else who entered, thanks so much for your submissions! We'll be airing more commercials very soon, but for now click on for the top nine!

The winner!
Short version:

Full version:

The Long Arm of Steve Jobs, by:
Director: Brad Hodson
Producer: Bryant Hodson
Editor: James Spencer
Actors: Taylor Kesler, Zach McCue
Music: Anthony Spencer

Runners up (alphabetically)

Confused about technology? by Dan Sheppard
Music by Kevin Macleod

Engadget Animal Babies, by Dave Lovelace (possibly NSFW)

Engadget dating, by Ian MacFarlane

World of Engadget, by Jeremy Bowles

Engadget: porn for nerds, by Joe Russ

Screens in screens, by Juan Carlos Lopez

Yes, that was an MP3 player, by Renato Bordin

Your trip to the future starts here, by Victor DiGiovanni

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and be on the lookout for more Engadget commercials soon!