General Motor's integrated, retractable Flex-Fit bike rack

If you've been yearning for a long weekend on the campgrounds, and you've already made arrangements for a svelte hotel / tent hybrid to reside in, the only thing missing (besides the obligatory USB-powered lantern) is your bicycle. General Motors has developed a sleeker, more elegant method to hauling around your bike of choice than those awkward third-party apparatuses; its Flex-Fit system consists of an integrated bike rack that covertly hides within the rear bumper of your automobile, and at the presumed press of a button, the system pulls a stunt akin to those found in highly touted spy films. By sliding out from beneath the vehicle in order to holster the bike and expose a secondary license plate (in case the boys in blue need to check up on you), it removes the hassle of affixing a rack onto your ride, only to worry over its stability the entire trip. Once the bicycle has been removed, the mechanism slides conveniently back into the vehicle, leaving no trace of the SUV's carrying abilities. The system is only available on the (European) Opel Antara at the moment, and while we aren't sure if the Flex-Fit will ever find its way on to vehicles destined for America, having a bike onboard could be an excellent backup should you run out of fuel (or money to afford it).