Renault Twingo concept car goes tech crazy

If you can manage to squeeze yourself and three of your nerdiest buddies into this tiny car, y'all are going to have the one of the most gadget-laden rides ever perpetrated by man. From the pics you can tell the Renault Twingo concept is bristling with iPod docks, and a dashboard mixer puts them all to good use, but there's plenty of other stuff going on here. The car sports USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and each seat gets an audio jack for listening to an independent source, in case the front seat DJ isn't mixing it up well enough. There's also a 15-inch LCD, which is backed by an in-car PC with internet access of some sort. When you open up the hatch, there's some chilled beverages awaiting, and the speaker system points backwards to blast sound into the quickly assembling crowd of Very Cool People that suddenly will want to be your friend. Check out plenty more pics after the break.