Winning Eleven headed to the Wii

Jason Wishnov
J. Wishnov|10.04.06

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Winning Eleven headed to the Wii Zidane!
Wiinning Eleven? Oh, we couldn't resist. In any case, the extremely popular soccer sim (which almost consistently dominates European sales charts immediately upon release) is coming to the Wii, complete with (you guessed it) a revamped control system designed specially for the system. As cool as a "power boot" clip-on ankle-brace for the Wiimote would be, however, we think it'll be something slightly more traditional. Strangely enough, the CVG article mentions whispers of that very insanity taking place in EA's camp, with the FIFA series. Bizarre.

Winning Eleven is a brilliant series, and it's great news for Nintendo to have the series aboard. Note to the confused: Winning Eleven is also known as Pro Evolution Soccer in many parts of the world, including Europe. In retrospect, shouldn't it be called Pro Evolution Football over there? Hmm.
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