Canon PowerShot SD900 reviewed

CNET has just published one of the first reviews that we've seen of the Canon PowerShot SD900, the recently-released 10-megapixel camera that comes with a 3x zoom and a 2.5-inch screen. The site gave the SD900 a respectable 7.6 (out of 10) rating, but said while the cam was "heavy on style," it could use some work in the features department. Specifically, the review lamented the lack of manual controls (acknowledging that this is common on most point-and-shoot cameras), the weak f/2.8 to f/4.9 shutter speed, and its "noticeable fringing." However, CNET balanced the criticisms with praise for the cam's small size and good image quality, and concluded that the $500 SD900 is a "moderately fast shooter" that will produce some nice-lookin' snaps.