LG gets pissy at Motorola over KRZR design

In a world of 18-30 month development times for the average cellphone, it's understandable that the nerves of company executives get a little frayed when it comes to touting their latest creation. That's why we feel a degree of vague sympathy for Lee Hyoung-kun, a spokesman for LG Electronics who landed the enviable task of announcing to The Korea Times that his company thinks of Motorola's KRZR as a straight-up copy of LG's KV2300. Usually we're down witha little smack talk between companies, but this accusation doesn't leave us in an accommodating kind of mood. The point behind the whole accusation is very muddled, in particular the statement "we are very flattered that a company of such caliber followed our design policy." Besides, those 18-30 month development times mentioned earlier make copying cellphone designs practically impossible and especially unlikely for a phone we've known about for ages. LG, in future, leave the snarky digs to us, mkay?

[Thanks, RandomStranger]