PMC200, the newest media player from Sweden

With Jens of Sweden knocked out (although it still has an active website, the company hasn't released a new product in over eight months), it looks like Swedish Valei Computer may be poised to claim the crown of the Swedish portable media industry. This Stockholm-based newcomer has just released its latest media player, the PMC200, which comes with a host of features that you might expect: a 3.5-inch screen, a 16:9 aspect ratio, DivX / AVI / MPEG / DAT playback, video out (NTSC and PAL support), four hours of battery life for video (up to 10 hours for audio), USB 2.0, the ability to read text files, and if that weren't enough, it can record video as well. We've got zero information on how many Swedish krona kronor you'll have to spend for the pleasure, nor when you might be able to obtain one, nor if SVC will be selling these little players outside the kingdom.

[Via Svartlinks]