Arbitron's Portable People Meter bags FCC approval

We first caught wind of Arbitron's catchily and somewhat scarily-named Portable People Meter way back in April of last year, but it looks like it's now finally getting closer to reality, recently snagging that all-important FCC certification. The wearable/pocketable device, for those not up to speed, will supposedly monitor an individual's daily media diet, sending all the juicy details back to Arbitiron at the end of the day so they can crunch the numbers. It can't pick up every bit of content you consume, of course, just that from cooperating radio and TV stations, who are required to encode special signals into their programming -- but if it works as claimed, you can bet that more broadcasters will be quick to sign up. In addition to picking up listening/viewing information on the go, the Portable People Meter will also work in conjunction with docks/chargers that can be placed throughout the house, relaying information though the AC wiring and contacting Arbitron through your plain-old landline. And since few will understandably be willing to participate just for the fun of it, Arbirtron looks to be offering several incentives, including a basic rate of $5 per month just for participating, a one-time $100 bonus after 90 days, another $100 annual gift, and additional bonuses depending on how much you media you consume. Just don't plan on quitting your day job for some round-the-clock TV viewing -- it looks like the most you can earn for your excessive couch potatoing is an extra $2.50 per month.

[Thanks, David]