Siemens WM16S740 washing machine takes on 14 types of stains

We love any gadget that makes our lives simpler, easier, and let's face it, cleaner. Siemens has just come out with what it claims is the first automatic anti-stain washing machine, the WM16S740, which purports to contain 14 special cycles to counter a corresponding 14 devious stains: we're presuming that includes ones like red wine, chocolate, butter, tomato sauce, and (hopefully) blood. As if that weren't enough, if you need your get-lucky shirt right now -- you know, the one you accidentally nervously spilled a glass of pinot noir on a few hours before your hot date -- fear no more. This new washer will finish a complete cycle, including rinsing and spinning, in only 15 minutes. How much for this super-washer? Only €1,000 ($1,266) -- but no word yet on how much more you'll have to drop for a 15-minute companion dryer.

[Via Appliancist]