Target whines to major studios about online movie sales

If you can't beat 'em, complain about 'em. That seems to be the mantra of Wal-Mart, and now Target, both mega-retailers who seem to have given up the fight with video download retailers before it begins. The latter of the pair has come public with its objections to movie price schemes, calling them less expensive than DVDs, and busting out the vague threat that Target "would reconsider its investment in the DVD business" if the pricing didn't level out. Somehow, we can't quite muster much sympathy for the whiny retailer, given the fact that the online prices are hardly bargains, the resolution is lower, the special features are non-existent, and the market is still teensy tiny. Walt Disney Co. has apparently pointed most of this out to Target already, and since they've gone ahead with their open letter to the industry, we suppose it didn't do much good. Still, we've got a good feeling about market pressures pushing through full-blown online movie sales at decent prices within, oh, let's say the next decade or two, no matter how much "investment reconsidering" Target does in the meantime.