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Waleli GSM-doorbell hits version 2.0

When you're already using your cellphone to track your wild domesticated animals, keep your family safe, and even buy gadgetry, you might as well use it to let the butler in too, right? Waleli has revamped its GSM-doorbell apparatus, which allows pedestrians to "ring your mobile," so that a simple doorbell press phones the owner and allows for a full-fledged conversation to occur. After you've determined that the mystery caller should gain entry, you simply "enter a pincode" which triggers the system to unlock the house or open a garage door. New to version 2.0 is the ability to access the device remotely in order to create a virtual remote control; if you (or your significant other) gets locked out of the crib, the machine will recognize your phone number and release the latches for its master on command. While we aren't sure how much this incredulous convenience will cost you (or save you over the long haul), at least the GSM-doorbell allows for moreimportantkeys to occupy that overstuffed keyring.

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