Skardin's DVB-T-equipped HT-250 PMP

Don't you hate how the hottest gear is usually restricted to non-US countries; just for once, why couldn't the best cellphones, DAPs, and laptops make an appearance here fir...oh, wait. Nevermind. That intro is reserved for the type of lustworthy foreign gadget like Samsung's 10-megapixel B600 cameraphone -- this post features a nondescript, cookie-cutter PMP being shown off at the Taitronics Autumn 2006 trade show going on in Taiwan. What we've got here is the 2.4-inch "HT-250" by Skardin Industrial, sporting a DVB-T tuner, SD/MMC slot, and not much else -- since there's no internal storage, you'll have to cram your MPEG-1/2/4, DivX, and XviD files onto a 2GB card (it's possible there's SDHC support, but we're not hopeful). Also notably absent is any mention of compatible audio codecs, so you may end up having to re-encode your tunes before loading them up.

[Via Anything But iPod]