Waymarkr captures your life via any S60 phone

If photoblogs miss too many crucial life events to be entirely accurate, and moblogs require too much manual labor, Waymarkr's software should fill the void quite nicely. While we've seen the likes of ShoZu and ZoneTag, neither sport the nifty ability to automatically take photos on a timed interval, upload your life in sequential order without you even hitting the shutter button, and make you look like a complete geek in the process. By simply visiting Waymarkr's site with one of the many Nokia S60 mobiles, you can install the beta software and let the snapshots ensue. Of course, the developers recommend that you rock your cellphone around your neck (or another unobscured location) to capture a first-person perspective of your mundane work week and draw all sorts of unwanted attention to your newfangled jewelry. The photos are automatically uploaded to the company's website so your cellphone's storage capacity becomes a non-factor, and since the program relies solely on a data connection, you won't have to fret over those (potentially) costly pay-per-use SMS / MMS costs. So if you're looking for an easier way to photo-document every step of your life, and don't mind taking a hit in the fashion department to do so, point your S60 web browser Waymarkr's way and get to snappin'.

[Via SlashGear]