Belkin unveils ExpressCard Notebook Expansion Dock

If you're tired of seeing those poorexcuses for universal docks that connect via USB 2.0 -- most of which can't even export video without bringing your machine to a grinding halt -- you'll be elated to know that Belkin has upped the ante on the lacklusteralternatives with its Notebook Expansion Dock. This device provides the extra USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet jack, and stereo inputs / outputs you've come to know and love, but steps it up in the A / V department where other units simply can't find the bandwidth to compete. By interfacing with your laptop via the oh-so-speedy ExpressCard slot, this universal dock "quadruples" the amount of available bandwidth compared to the sluggish USB 2.0 offerings, and boasts an impressive "2.0Gbps of throughput" for your media-centric needs. By relocating the bottleneck, the device can push full-motion video through its DVI or VGA ports at an unparalleled 1,600 x 1,200 resolution, channel 5.1 surround sound through the Toslink digital output, and operate peripherals connected to any of the five USB 2.0 connectors -- all while allowing your mouse cursor to function sans jerkiness. Windows XP users (sorry, Mac brethren) that aren't reserving that zippy ExpressCard slot for someother gizmo can pick up the Notebook Expansion Dock for $199.99.

[Via PocketLint]