Cyber Robotics Technology's Robo Waiter 1

We guess it really is hard to find decent help these days, as we're turning to robotic creatures to replace firefighters, soldiers, nurses, surgeons, and now waiters. Hong Kong's Cyber Robotics Technology has crafted the $5,000 Robo Waiter 1 -- which eerily resembles the hack job creations seen in science fiction films circa 1985 -- to entice customers to visit simply for the unique experience of having a robotic creation facilitate the ordering process. The oddly proportioned 'bot sports a shiny head with flashing lights for his eyes / mouth, and is used to guide guests to their tables as well as take their orders once ready. The audio from the customers is apparently channeled into the kitchen, where we're sure some form of Chinese cookbot takes care of the food preparation. Unfortunately, you're still forced to have a small dose of human interaction, as the eatery hasn't quite figured out how to fire replace those chaps bringing the meals to your table just yet. While we aren't certain if the robot is completely autonomous or controlled by some greater being (read: the off-duty chef), it has reportedly increased business by "20 to 30 percent" since joining the staff, so if your diner needs a reliable assistant on the cheap, be sure to peep this guy in action.

[Via The Raw Feed]