Professor Layton and Mysterious Town

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|10.12.06

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Professor Layton and Mysterious Town
RPG developer Level 5 is working on an intriguing new title that will hit Japan in February -- Professor Layton and Mysterious Town, a puzzle game. Puzzle game on the DS, you say? That's nothing new. Well, perhaps not, but what's different here (besides the style) is that they game is being co-developed by Akira Tago, the Chiba University professor behind a series of logic puzzle books. It'll be interesting to see what sort of impact that has not only on the puzzles themselves, but on the story. We're obviously big fans of game developers in general (it kinda goes with the fanboy-ism), but it's always nice to see other creative minds working in conjunction with game devs.
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