ZyXEL jumps into the Draft-n game with new MIMO router

Most of the big names have already busted out their own MIMO Draft-802.11n routers, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of room for the minor players to give Draft-n a shot, and ZyXEL's new NBG-415N Wireless Broadband Router sounds like a decent offering from the Taiwan-based company. They're claiming speeds of up to 300mbps for the $160 unit, and they've got some "StreamEngine" tech from Ubicom to prioritize certain types of data. The router also packs a USB port for WCN connectivity of printers, media players and the like. We should be seeing this one near the end of the month, along with laptop (PCMCIA) and desktop (PCI) versions: the NWD-170N and NWD-370N which go for $100 and $120 respectively.