Fujitsu Ten unveils DREC1000 in-car accident recorder

If you've got a svelte new in-dash LCD with reverse assist, or even the VideoMirror aiding your less-than-admirable backing skills, neither of those will do you much good if your precious bumper gets marred by someone else. Assisting lawyers and victims alike in making accident cases an exercise in simplicity, Fujitsu Ten (more commonly referred to as Eclipse) is unveiling the DREC1000 Consumer Drive Recorder. Similar in function to TruScene's TS-1L, this in-car sentry keeps a keen eye on your vehicle's surroundings, and if sudden braking / acceleration is detected, a 20 second video clip (complete with the bevy of expletives you're likely to spew) is recorded onto a 128MB CF card for YouTube insurance purposes. The sensor box also reacts to jolts and sudden changes in driving patterns, activating the wide-angle CCD camera to capture the moments before and after a presumed incident; clips can be manually captured as well, and the device can hold up to 15 segments before the CF card reaches capacity or your vehicle is completely demolished. While ¥59,850 ($501) may seem a tad steep for continuous monitoring of your Volkswagen minivan, the gifted few sporting a Rolls Royce or Tesla Roadster may see things a bit differently.

[Via Far East Gizmos]