Xbox HD DVD drive to connect to PCs via USB

While we've got our eye on that new Xbox HD DVD drive that's about to drop next month, one thing we didn't know is that it'll be able to connect to your regular ol' PC via USB -- so that basically means you can get a sweet external HD DVD drive for $200. But here's the catch, Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom isn't including a Windows HD DVD driver so that your PC can actually play those next-gen discs that you're lusting after. But of course, given that its HD DVD player is manufactured by Toshiba, it would appear there's a good chance some enterprising fellow (or software company) will figure out how to make it work pretty quickly. That said, even if someone does get a driver working, there's still that irksome issue of HDCP to get around, assuming your disc requires it for digital output. But maybe now that these devices are getting cheaper and eventually more widespread, that theoretical HDCP hack we heard about earlier this year may become reality.

[Thanks, Mack]