Sony VGX-XL202 Blu-ray media center reviewed

Sony VGX-XL202 Blu-ray Media Center from TrustedReviews

TrustedReviews has their review of the Sony Blu-ray-equipped media center PC, with the usual compliment of card readers, wireless keyboards, wi-fi, and TV tuners. It has component and HDMI connectors, and is intended for the European market with its DVB-T tuner card. It sports a Core 2 Duo inside, and an HDCP-enabled nVidia video card, for outputting those Blu-ray discs to your display. While the case is quite large to fit all the computer and components inside, it does have a slot-loading rewritable BR drive, and 500gb of storage. It also has some quirks when playing the new media, as it has to launch a separate application outside of XP Media Center to play the Blu-ray discs. The cost of the drive pushes the total system above $2844 (£1531 before VAT taxes), although according to the review, only £800 above a normal media center PC with the same specs, apparently cheaper than a standalone BR player. It also has a quick standby mode using Intel's VIIV technology, which brings it up in 15 seconds, as opposed to the 50 with a normal player. So, if you live in Europe, can afford the extra cost of the unit, and are in the mood for some rewritable Blu-ray, then this may be the media center PC for you.

[Via Slashdot]