Here comes the Upravlator!

While we haven't quite managed to whip ourselves and others into quite as much of a frenzy as the Optimus series has previously garnered, the Upravlator still is looking pretty hot, and now we know exactly how it's looking thanks to an exclusive pic of the device we just got in our inbox. Like we said yesterday, it's a 12-button device, with a top-left button that switches context for the rest of the buttons. We've gotta admit we're a fan of this color swatch idea pictured above, and we're guessing there should be plenty more fun uses for the unit once some developers get ahold of the SDK. Of course, there's still no word on price or availability, that would be way too easy, but we have to say this little thing is shaping up quite nicely. Be sure to peep a couple more functions after the break.

UPDATE: Good news, folks. Art Lebedev finally updated their main site with the full low-down on the Upravlator. Turns out the unit is a whole 10.8-inch, 640 x 480 LCD, with the 12 transparent buttons slapped on top. Every button has four contacts, and can be activated left, right, up or down, or pressed in the middle for a fith function.