HP iPAQ rx4540 video hands-on

In case the myriad of other media players that we've already seen didn't do it for you, HP is about to come out with the iPAQ rx4540 -- that's the 1GB version in the rx4500 series, which will is supposed to hit Australia by the first of next month for AU$500 ($377) but should already be out in Singapore for S$600 ($381). This "Mobile Media Companion" is loaded with all kids of goodies, including 1GB of storage, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, an SD slot and a nice scroll wheel on the top right corner. Chris Leckness of MobilitySite took one for a spin and posted a lengthy video of his hands-on. Overall, he praised the new MMC for its fine form factor, its excellent battery life, its suave copper color and found no major faults worth mentioning in the video. If you're ready to endure a 15 minute presentation of all the minutiae of the rx4540 then by all means, pop on over to his site.