Fujifilm FinePix F20 reviewed

After dropping a solid, low light-capable offering in the FinePix F30, the folks over at PhotographyBlog were anticipating another winner in the F20. While admitting that their expectations for the little brother were intentionally lowered, they were "pleasantly surprised" by its competency in everyday point-and-shoot environments, as well as low-lit situations. The overall image quality was "on par" with most other average alternatives, with hints of purple fringing and "chromatic aberrations in areas of high contrast" holding it back from superiority; however, it should be noted that this compact didn't suffer from the notorious red-eye introduction that has become all too common amongst pocket-friendly options. The ISO settings -- while not quite reaching the outlandish 3200 available on the F30 -- performed "quite well" up to ISO 800, while shooting at ISO 2000 (unsurprisingly) created images with a bit too much noise for large prints. Overall, Fujifilm certainly cut a few corners here, but if you're only looking for a reliable P&S tagalong that isn't afraid of the (occasional) dark, the FinePix F20 delivers a "beautiful marriage of price and performance."