LG &37 media player melds touchscreen with brushed metal

While everyone is still waiting for the true video iPod, LG appears to have kinda sorta beat 'em to the punch with its new "&37." Sure, we've seen touchscreens before on media players and even electronic dictionaries -- but none of them come in brushed aluminum, and really, who doesn't love brushed aluminum? Good looks aside, this 2.4-inch media player, which recently debuted at the Korea Electronics Show, packs 4GB of strage, a three-hour battery, a photo viewer and a "mobile XD engine," whatever that is. We imagine that you'll be able to find this 51.5 x 90 x 10.4mm (2.02 x 3.54 x 0.4-inches) ampersander in Korea sometime soon, but no, we don't know how much it'll set you back. Click on over to the next page & check out a few glamor shots of the &37.

[Via I4U News]