Lumines Live pricing change planned?

The guys at Xboxic obtained this promising message from Xbox Customer Support:

Thanks for contacting XBOX Customer Support,

Luminous Live is known to have some issues regarding unsatisfactory in it's download. Please wait until Monday to see wether we have any updates regarding this issue. Do not download or purchase anything else that has to be dealt with Luminous Live. Until then, feel free to contact us via telephone for any updates of this issue and what we can offer you.
For any questions regarding this issue, please contact Xbox customer support on

Thanks for time and support,

XBOX customer service team.

This communique raises a series of intriguing questions?:

1. Will Microsoft lower, or otherwise alter, the much-hated pricing structure for Luminous, or rather Lumines Live? The unusual step of instructing consumers not to buy an XBLA game indicates that they will.

2. If so, will MS reimburse the unlucky saps who alread shelled out for the "complete" game in its current usurious form?

3. Is grammatical English just too much to ask of a certain percentage of the Xbox Customer Service Team?