BitTorrent clients coming to NASes and routers: PC-less downloads for all

First came thetrickle, now the flood. See, BitTorrent is expected to announce 7 routers and 2 NAS storage devices with built-in BitTorrent clients sometime today. Asus will be adding two additional BitTorrent capable routers with 5 more on the way from Planex set to undermine the ethics of Japan. QNAP then, will bring the necessary networked disk with a couple of BitTorrent-enabled NAS servers. Look MPAA, RIAA, we know this isn't how you'd like to start your Monday but just look at the brightside: it's an environmentally friendly way for the kids to be kids since now their PCs won't be running all the time. Hell, we'll even provide ya a list of products for the injuction since it's doubtful you'll find a "made for BitTorrrent" logo anywhere on the box: Asus WL-500gP and WL-500gW routers, the Planex BRC-W14VG-BT, BRC-14VG-BT, BRC-W14V-BT, BLW-HPMM-U, and BLW-HPMM-G routers, and the QNAP TS-101 (pictured) and QNAP TS-201 NAS servers. The ASUS and QNAP boxes will be available Stateside with the TS-101 sporting an eSATA intereface, 3x USB 2.0 ports, and gigabit Ethernet interface for about $279. It certainly won't stop here (without legal intervention) since the client in many cases -- like the TS-101 -- is just a firmware update away. Look, why fight it, let the people embrace their legal right to download copyrighted material, uh, in Holland.