The Pianist Hand Concert: Thing goes to Juilliard

If there's anything that's more fun to decorate your desk with than a disembodied robotic hand, we haven't found it yet. While most models perform some gimmicky, repetitive stunt like tapping their digits or flipping you the bird, The Pianist Hand Concert takes the classy route by moving its fingers in sync with one of six pre-programmed classical pieces. Stealing a page from The Clapper's handbook, the battery-powered Pianist starts doing its thing when an acoustical sensor picks up the sound of a clap, however, it's unclear if turning it off is achieved with a second clap or by throwing it against the wall. Although we doubt that you could learn to play Beethoven's "Fifth Symphony" by watching this device go through the motions, it would still seem to provide yet another amusing distraction when you're trying to slack off at work. One thing you don't want to do with the $17 claw is bring it to a book signing featuring Margaret Atwood's robotic LongPen device -- we made that mistake once, and after a few minutes of small talk about the arts, the two mechanical extremities locked themselves in a death-grip of a hand hold that terrified innocent children and took four Barnes & Noble security guards to break up.

[Via book of joe]