BenQ's W10000 1080p DLP projector

Man, if you thought BenQ's PE8720 was a winner, then try on the Full HD W10000 DLP projector. Just like its 720p bro, the W10000 pumps a 10:000:1 contrast ratio with TI's DarkChip3 DLP at the guts and brings a 250W lamp capable of delivering 1,100 lumens over a life of between 2,000 hours on up to 3,000 hours in economy mode. And yeah, Benq's calling "Full HD" on this as is the trend, so we're talkin' heaps of pixels in this 1080p (1920x1080) resolution projector operating at 25dB normally, or as low as 23dB in eco-mode. As for the inputs, you'll get what you need: HDMI v1.2, S-Video, 2x component, RGB, and RS-232. Expected to start shipping first in Japan starting early November for ¥628,000 or about $5,253 -- righteous pricing for a DarkChip3 core. Click-on for a pic of the backside inputs.

Update: Er, after posting, BenQ rolled with the english press release, The W10000 is a single-chip color-wheel based DLP, only.

[Via Impress]