Advertisement shut down by Sony lawsuits


We hear your recent legal spat with Sony Computer Entertainment has ended your long and glorious run as grey market importer of choice, sapping both your resources and potential revenue streams. You were always there for us when we needed a DS lite before it hit the States, or a Japan-only karaoke-based cooking game that might've otherwise never made its way into our hands, and we're sorry to see you taken down by "The Empire" in such a dramatic fashion. If it's any consolation, it looks like the very Sony Europe execs that just busted you for supposedly infringing on their "trade marks, copyright and registered design rights," won't be able to import whatever fancy consoles Sony Japan busts out next, since most of 'em got their PSPs via you last time around. But of course, Europeans really "don't mind" waiting for Sony products, so maybe the point is moot. Anyways, you will be missed Lik-Sang, but never forgotten -- also, would you mind hooking us up with some Pokemon Diamond on your way out?


[Thanks, Mark A.]