Lumines II to feature all content from Live

Do we have a grudge against the Xbox 360 version of Lumines? Well, probably. Gamers were shocked to discover that the game they had purchased for $15 was merely a glorified demo: it would cost another $7.50 to get the "Advance Pack," which includes 22 more skins. Throw in the Artist, Mission and VS CPU Packs, and you're already paying more than you would for the PSP version of the game. Oh, and you're still getting less than was the PSP version offers: "all the skins in Lumines Live will be in Lumines II - plus more" (emphasis added). According to Siliconera, there will be 60 skins in Lumines II, which outnumbers Live's number of skins by a whopping 26. No matter how you look at it, Lumines Live is a total rip-off.