MusicForMe cracks AllOfMP3's DRM, hilarity ensues

These sure are good times to be a music-lovin' semi-scofflaw. What with the widely available PlaysForSure and FairPlay workarounds that have cropped up of late, and now this quickly compromised Music for Masses app from AllOfMP3, if you're not getting your music for free, or at least loading it on the device of your choosing, you're not trying hard enough. Apparently AllOfMP3, the shadester digital music retailer from Russia, recently released an app called "Music for the Masses," which allows you to listen to any track in their library free of charge. The proprietary .mp3x DRMed files proved to be quite hackable, and a couple weeks later we have a solution in the cleverly-named form of "MusicForMe" for procuring any 128kbps MP3 of your choosing absolutely free of charge. Of course, it's hard to argue "fair use" here, since the hack basically amounts to stealing from a thief, but in case your personal moral code isn't as squeamish as ours is when it comes to these sort of things, those MP3 are yours for the taking.

[Warning: RAR link]

[Via Download Squad]

Tipster Cary says Music for Masses has been patched by AllOfMP3 and the update is forced on login. Both previous MusicForMe versions have been kilt.