NTT AT shows off Amaze ART

There's just something delightful about optical illusions, and for as much flak at 3D gizmos take, we're fans of eye-popping art nonetheless. NTT AT has unveiled a zany new product -- dubbed Amaze ART -- which transforms signs and colored blocks into actual objects when photographed. Presumably using technology similar to that found in your average green screen, the "signposts" sport squared sections of color and a drawn image of a particular item; when photographed, however, the card appears to be an actual object as seen above. The company was also displaying a unique (albeit laced with geekiness) set of glasses which featured cubes of varying color that "amazingly became animal heads" when seen through a camera's lens. It's cases like these where pictures offer a good deal more than words, so go ahead and hit the read link for some pictorial elucidation.