Sanyo M1 in the wild, eBay style

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|10.26.06

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Sanyo M1 in the wild, eBay style
Though it's not the least bit unusual for unreleased phones to beg, borrow, or steal their way onto eBay, it's not every day that we're able to scoop the first big, clean shots of a device by way of auction. Enter the Sanyo M1 (no, not that M1), a phone that could ultimately end up serving as Sprint's crown jewel in the world of musicphones, and -- until now, anyway -- a phone that we've been unable to really get a great look at. The seller's shots clearly confirm the general shape and concept of the phone, but far more importantly, they confirm the in-built 1GB of user storage and 2-megapixel cam. Now just make sure you drop in some A2DP as we've heard you would, Sanyo, and will take two to go, please. Check after the break for a little more high-end Sanyo love.

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