Sharp Aquos LC-46D62U 1080p LCD reviewed

1080p LCDs are taking over this fall, and CNET quickly grabbed Sharp's new Aquos LC-46D62U to review. They had a lot of good to say, particularly when it came to the advertised 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, saying that the screen reproduced a deeper level of black than any non-CRT screen they have ever tested, plasma and RPTVs included. From the glossy black frame to off-angle viewing, praise is in abundance. The D62 series was also noted for its Dot-by-Dot mode to enable pixel perfect mapping of 1080-line sources without overscan. The only negatives came in the areas of color accuracy, as well as the lack of a dedicated PC-input and merely average scaling of 480i sources. CNET also mentioned the reports of banding issues with the D62 series, but had no problems with their review unit. Still, for the price, resolution and plasma-fighting black levels, it doesn't seem to get much better than this.