The Boy Genius Report: A bit of Cingular Q4 product info

Field report tidbits from Engadget's mobile insider, The Boy Genius.

Well would you look at that, a Cingular display already up in stores showing three "increased productivity" devices. One comes from the BlackBerry 8700c, one happens to be the Cingular 3125 Smartphone, and the last, but certainly not least, is the Palm Treo 680. We also found out from our man with the plan that Cingular's BlackBerry Pearl will launch before Christmas, with very minor cosmetic differences (e.g. keypad color, and so on). It will still have a camera despite some rumors around the net, and will have a nice friend to play with -- the Motorola KRZR. More info to come.

Update: We also just got word of a new ruggedized Motorola phone also due soon; just don't get your hopes up that it's some military-grade Q or anything, you should know by now what most ruggedized gear is like.

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